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App Store Review Guidelines: updated rules 2021

Apple updated a safe user experience in early July this year to give a great opportunity to the developers for success. This is done by Apple store experts and editorial team whose task is to discover new apps daily. According to Washington post approx. 2% of 1000 highest grossing apps in the app store were said to be scam which reported were reported as $48 million end user cost. This changed was due to the increasing scams and fraud activities by the developers.

This blog will give you the knowledge regarding Apple Store Review Guidelines updated rules 2021.

Important updates in App Store Review Guidelines

The most recent update was a response of scam apps, following can also be highlighted:

Apple installed policies concerning “hookup” apps that proposed any adult substances be prohibited inside the App Store, as there were previous underlying troubles with this sector;
It is now clarified that builders have the potential to talk with customers via e mail, however shouldn’t make customers acquired thru the App Store use buy methods aside from in-app buy.
It is now feasible for legal hashish dispensaries to make addressed in-app income if a license is provided;
Content generated by users, each time possible, ought to have definitive policies so content blocking off or content moderation is an ongoing feature;
A newly evolved category of apps for reporting criminal sports ought to cooperate with nearby regulation enforcement and will be offered in international locations handiest where such involvement is permissible;
Added consuming sport apps as a saturated category. But we assume that the App Store is already full of consuming video games now.
Bait advertisements are a cause for removal from the App Store and Apple Developer program.
Apps with an account introduction manner should additionally provide the potential to delete money owed.

Common mistakes with App Store Review in 2021

In-App purchases

‍Epic games vs Apple trial, example when Epic games application Fortine was removed when Epic Games bypassed In-App Store purchases guideline. It is one of the oldest reason for app rejection as App Store was getting 30% of the revenue. In last year December due to increased pressure Apple announced to lower their fees for app developers by making $1M or less from 30% to 15% developers who had to fill out application for lower revenue cut.

Digital goods should be sold via In-App Purchase and if an efficient good or service is offered you ca use any mode of payment which include Apple Pay or third parties like Stripe Vipps etc.One is able to download about 1.8 million apps from App Store in which 1% of top apps generates 93% of the revenues across the App and Google Store.

Mobile websites look like apps

‍in the greed of cost saving company or businesses try to create inexpensive or quick mobile application by skipping the design part which as a result looks like a mobile website. This issue is pretty common as a lot of applications have been removed from App Store due to the reason been that Web View is used to present business website. The developers should always keep in mind the Ui guidelines when developing an application.

Same design and functionality with the application

This was the first time this kind of rejection was received. The problem was that a few applications shared same UI but had different functionality. To recover this is to write a cover letter where the developer detail the main differences regarding the apps with providing a video displaying of the functionality of the app.

What to do if your application gets rejected‍

Reason and information regarding the rejection can be found on the Resolution Center. You can always reach out the Reviewers team and discuss the reasons behind it. Depending on the reason of the app rejection, if its straightforward it can be fixed and re submitted. Other reasons include if rejected due to low quality images, inability trademark use or inability to login to the App.

Resolution Center displayed the first reason that is not specific and general at the same time. Always try to reach for clarification and google related similar cases for Apple. Human makes mistakes reviewers are also human. Make sure that rejection is a mistake in their decision if so keep writing to the reviewers.

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