What is a Dedicated Team Model?

This Dedicated Team Model is a collaboration model with outsourced team. It includes developers which a client and a developer create along with team engineers who work long term on the project.

Key points of Dedicated Team Model:

Exclusively involved in development of solution
Appropriate for long term projects
Team is managed by service provider
Advantage of the developing team model is a complete investment of engineers in the development process. All the team members are focused on achieving the goals in order to get a highly compatible end product with the latest technology.

What business you can have from hiring us?

Project discovery phase could be a process which helps an organization change the concept into what software requirements are required. IT business analyst is a tool which is between the client and developers.

Lower Price

Besides the unique difference which is between cost and inhouse developers the dedicated team is more profitable than project model corporation we grow with the motive pay less get more, which majorly depends on the project specification and size which makes cost lower by 10-20%.

Strong cooperation

A strong bond creates an atmosphere where team building all the members is achieving their desired goals. For long term work accurate and effort in project investment is required. Strong cooperation between team and client can lead to incredible results.

Management of team’s work

Dedicated Team model other advantage is the possibility for clients to manage and select the working process of team. The clients disposal team can reconfigure the process of working the necessities of UI/UX designer, software engineers, project manager and quality assurance specialist.

Hire Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team built special for you

Basic task is to build a dedicated team which consist of a search of candidates. Clients at this stage decide what task to be assigned to the specialist. Once decided we submit these formal criteria to recruitment team which then hires qualified candidates for each position.

We manage Dedicated Team to help you

Clients involve in organization on executive level of a dedicated team. The team owns project roadmap and full synchronization of team members. The organization challenges are assigned to project manager. The manager distributes tasks as specified among the members, holds stand-ups and ensures the delivery of project tasks timely.

Support member of Dedicated Team

Apart from the organizational maintenance of daily activity we take good care of the professional growth. All the employees offer external and internal courses, certifications and organize meetups. Striving the team build which meet expectations which are productive for the time we work. If looking for a development team to create and improve our team will be happy to assist you.

Our Work

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