What is the Extended Team Model?

Extended Team Model is model of cooperation which is with clients which are needed for core development team is accompanied by software engineers. This model best fits your team working on productivity and more capacity to meet deadlines.

The primary points of the Extended Team Model

The main part is in-house development
It is more reliable for short term projects
Activities are controlled by client

What business you can have from hiring us?

Meeting deadlines of project

A long team of developers will help meet business goals and increase development process of the project.

Expand R&D resources

We Extended teams provides a solution which is cost effective for your product. It is never simple connecting new people for the process of development.

Improve abilities of team

What this team allows is to fill in the gaps of skills which the core team will empower the current potential. By also making a easy way to figure out members with different technologies and programming languages. This is what all a company provides when hiring a extended team.

Hire Software Developers

Recruitment of candidates

The company has a team of highly professional recruiters to easily find proper match for the team as early as possible. The part from requirement till the decision making is only controlled by the client about candidates who have been through selection stages from our end.

We support the work of the Extended Team

As we augment your existing core team, you’ll manage the full working process of both internal and external software developers. f required, we are ready to engage a Project Manager from our side which can manage the workload of the Extended Team and synchronize the performance tasks of the in-house team.

Besides the organizational maintenance of your Extended Team Model, Company pays particular attention and care to the professional growth of each team member. We also offer free external and internal professional training courses, certifications, and organize monthly meetups to any or all of our employees. We are convinced that great ideas are born in an environment where everyone can express their vision of solutions development and allows like-minded people to attach.

Our Work

Let’s find out how to work together and create something meaningful or valuable.