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Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2022

Today is the era of technology. The world is developing day by day, and so does the requirements of mobile and apps. Mobile phones have occupied our loves, and we cannot imagine our lives without them. Office, home, even schools n colleges have incorporated the technology in their teaching methods. The point to ponder is that now cell phones are not only used to make calls or send messages; rather, most of the time is spent using mobile applications. So, trends of mobile apps do change with the evolution of technology. The aim of this blog post is to share the novel mobile apps trends of 2022. Some of the trends have already in the trend with some improvements, while some are new in the pipeline. Various applications are related to specific fields or work ideas, while others may help to make life easy for the layman. The modern world is digital and runs on digital media. In order to compete with this everchanging environment, the use of mobile phones is nothing less than a necessity. Mobile applications have made our lives much easier.

Following app trends are gaining popularity in 2022:

Split screen

This mobile feature has been introduced for a while and is gaining popularity these days. Recently, the trends and knowledge about split-screen have become mainstream. So, to make a user-friendly interface with a split-screen design is the need of the hour. The feature is very helpful for the users because of its handy nature. It may help the user when he or she has to use several sources of information and have to work side by side. A split-screen helps to compare and analyze the information rather than opening different tabs one by one.

Augmented Reality

This mobile app trend refers to the idea of thinking out of the box. The feature works on the idea to integrate the real world and digital world. The trend is very helpful for the interior design business and furniture business and works related to an architect. The app may help them to visualize and experiment with their proposed idea to check whether it will work or not. Whatever pro So, the huge scope for such application is present in the market.


Simple writing does not fascinate viewers or readers anymore. Your brand needs to add graphics and colors to attract customers. So the illustrations and graphics in the app design are also a new trend in2022 which helps to grow your brand. As an app and website are the first images, your client gets less text and more graphics with a user-friendly interface that helps to make customers make decisions and buy from you. The point to ponder here is to design the app in a user-friendly manner and then stay with that rather than changing it. This would help the clients to keep the features in mind and can associate with them.

Serif fonts

This trend is one of the latest trends in 2022. It helps to catch customers’ attention and make the web pages more readable and user-friendly.

Futuristic Colors

A dull and boring screen does not catch customers’ attention. Pastel colors and dull colors do not go successfully, and thus, the need of the hour is to use vibrant colors on the pages. Hence this app is also making ways to become popular in the trends of 2022. It helps the users to use the colors to make an impression and build an identity on the basis of colors.

Dark Mode

The trend has already been used by Whatsapp, Facebook, and other applications. However, it is gaining momentum and is a very user-friendly feature. So, this trend has a good scope, and applications should incorporate the feature to increase the number of users as these apps have already introduced the feature, so the apps which might not have this would not be considered user friendly. The light mode now looks very irritating in the morning or the evening times. Thus, the feature is very trendy and useful.

Animated Effects


As mentioned earlier, plain texts do not attract users. In the developing era where the aim is to make users stick to your websites, it is very much necessary to use the animations and videos to the interface and make it attractive and user friendly. Both of them are good options; however, animations are more acceptable and have a good success rate because videos may not be accepted or needed on every website. Thus this feature is also an important trend of 2022.

Interactions with the voice

Chat interactions and messages are common; however, the world is progressing day by day, and things are in the developmental stages. Now voice interactions are becoming popular. Whatsapp has also introduced the feature of audio messages. So, voice interaction is the new and important trend of 2022. However, initially, it is to be used with precaution because it can be irritating.

2022 is the era of technology, and it is playing a vital role in the development of mobile apps.


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