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Better1 is a Canadian electronic e commerce interactive consumer store which works to collect up and share valuable insights regarding the latest products and gadgets specifically in the tech department.
Better 1 deal with smart gadgets which can make one’s life easy and makes work to handle and go quick in your everyday routine tasks. It not only has gadgets required for smartphones or laptops but electronic gadgets for the entire household like kitchen, bedrooms, washrooms, family room, garage apart from these gadgets to be used in gym and office are also listed down on this website/mobile application.

The mission.

Better1 provides a platform to the customers to help discover unique and new products in The Better1 Way. Exceptional products deserve to be known in the market and it is better1 mission to make it possible to reach maximum customers. Their highly professional and dedicated team is working upon this that people find the best products and shop online. Better1 is a unique site which is made keeping in view the updated requirements of customers. The website gives you the option to visit better1 home environment option to have a visual look of what the gadget will look like in your house before buying it.


Building the concept.

Gadgets can be personal, home or office use. Company’s mission is to provide customers with the best electronic gadgets required for a smart home through our unique shopping platform which is easy to use and easy reach. Better1 hard working enthusiastic and zeal team is very dedicated towards the work they put in which is to create a way to make up simple way to not only discover gadgets but shop them online to improve your lifestyle. It is not always about the updated and cool gadgets but about the shopping experience of customers. That is the reason that better1 has put up all the products in the virtual home so that customer can get a real time experience and better know what product they want. This enhances the customer lifestyle and simplifies to shop the gadgets. Everything which we view on the website is carefully tested and reviewed before by the team their entire catalog is inspected which is why they give customer 14 days money back guarantee because they are sure of not making any big errors.

Better1 is committed to transparency and great customer service because it is not always about the product, this is the reason they have A rating from the BBB and many positive reviews on their social media sites. The website/mobile app is divided into sub parts like shops, rooms, categories, brands, blogs. The shop button shows what products are available on the site, the rooms button has further subcategories of all rooms of which gadgets are available and by clicking on the specific room you will be getting the list of the gadgets available of that room. Room 360 degree option is also available here where you can view the gadgets in the room of where will they be placed and how will they look there. The categories button has further many sub parts of all the gadgets available, let’s suppose you go under the category of audio it will further open the categories of headphones or speaker options, then further clicking it will get all the options available of headphones or speaker.

Impressive result.

A one stop shop e commerce online store with all electronic gadgets for personal professional and home use for all age groups. better1 is a gateway to find all your gadgets.

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