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Alex Rodriguez




10X Growth Clinic is the idea Alex Rodriguez who is the CEO and Founder of this app, built it based on guiding people by offering services that will boost medical practices by top 1% of their market. 10X Growth Clinic is an industry leader which is currently working with private healthcare providers. 10X Growth Clinic is operational in over 100+ different markets and has created over 100,000 new patient prospects in 2019.10X Growth Clinic has assisted many clients which helped in gaining exposure, establish brand identity and increase their revenue. Rodriguez instructs different businesses of how to become successful and how they can better implement techniques which will result in substantial revenue gains. He has also demonstrated many marketing techniques and strategies to many healthcare professionals and business owners. The ultimate goal of 10X Growth Clinic’s goal is to offer its customers a customized approach for their company. What the company does is that it helps is capturing markets attention and generate possibilities to help make satisfied patients. 10X Growth Clinic helps clients in promoting their further practice.

The mission.

Now when coming to the solution point of the customers what 10X Growth Clinic does is it helps to automate your follow up. With the help of Growth Clinic automated follow up you can not only send more emails but help you monitor the engagement to get a better track of the performance and know your audience through the reports. What solutions 10X Growth Clinic provides to the clinic owners is the control of their workflow, get the messages delivered to the set target groups present the database, it helps in saving time and increasing engagement and use create customer centered emails that require customers to act.


Building the concept.

The Growth Clinic ultimate target is to help you by customizing a built approach for your company. What growth clinic does is that it takes in the attention and generate prospects of the market which makes satisfied clients. This app also shows how you can use a client in promoting their business. What Growth Clinic does is it repeatedly innovates to deliver HIPAA-compliant, measurable, and industry-leading results. They excel in winning medical marketing campaigns which are run to attract the ideal patients required so their requirement would be focusing on serving clients goals.

The core service is help private practice healthcare providers gain more patients. Services 10X Growth Clinic provides are Analytic Call Tracking, Automate Your Follow Up, Copywriting Services, Social Media Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Lead Generating Websites, Video Marketing, Pay Per Lead and Membership Sites which guides and attracts more people towards your site. CRM i.e., Customer Relationship Management means a set of tools and techniques, different business strategies which are used in building a long term relationship between the customer and company. 10X Growth Clinic is ultimate guide to succeed as it helps grow maximizing the patients experience.

Impressive result.

Getting very positive response from Growth Clinic users which is providing us private healthcare. Highly effective and proficient application as they provide professional healthcare’s.

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