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Mike Stanzyk




Lead juice app makes lives easy by booking your doctor’s appointment on the go with user friendly and easy to use and understand the context of the app. The basic idea behind this was that the users will be able to consult or book doctors’ appointments. The user will be able to investigate relevant doctors and set appointments accordingly.

The mission.

When building up an application from scratch developers are quite slightly to face challenges like understanding the needs of the client and building an app which is fulfils the requirements of the client. As of this app the challenges can be taking in loop all the doctors, sales team and then the patients. Patients booking the appointments info would be entered at the time of booking but entering complete and correct info of the doctors and sales team on the app is very important and challenging as any one small error would affect the goodwill of the company. And not only the company but also effects the company designing the website and app.


Building the concept.

In the initial phase our team mapped out the strategy, read back that strategy with whiteboarding, and then beta tested it. We built a small version on the web for our client to see what it’d look like. The app uses third party resources to generate leads, these leads are then contacted by the respective persons to convert them into prospects. Adequate consultancy is offered to convert prospects into consults. Consults serve to be the patients closed to complete the cycle.

After phase one was complete and tested, we moved on to phase two. Phase two of testing, was followed by the third phase. Second version incorporating latest updates was provided later. The app helps its users to monitor performance by showing metrics for each stage of sales funnel.

The final stage after beta testing is to apply the process and make it work out. Lead leaking points in sales funnel could be analyzed to improve the results. The dashboard features sales stats, funnel stats, contacts type and hot leads. An earning chart is plotted to assist the tracking of ROI.

Impressive result.

Making lives easy by booking their doctors appointment online in a very understandable content is the reason Lead juice got its very quick and remarkable results.

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