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  • One product target
  • Understanding target audience
  • Customer experience
  • Emotional connection
  • Quick respond to reviews
  • Clear path to resolutions


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SneakerMaps is US based Market vendor place which offers geographical search across US for sneakers. Its helps customers look for their favorite brand sneakers in locality near them. They can book them to get them picked by themselves or can even buy them online or get them delivered if are found at a far location. SneakerMaps is providing access to verified sneaker retailers and verified products in an easy to use, mobile application.

The mission.

The app gives complete freedom to the customers to view sneakers according to the brand which they like, by store which they like or know is nearby them or directly the sneaker itself. What the app will do is search for the sneaker nearby your location. Next step will be you can either book the sneaker at the store and get it picked yourself or you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

Payment mode is highly secured in this app as once you have booked your order the store owner confirms your order weather or not the item is available then sends in a verification code is sent to your email id and informs you the time duration of when you can get your order picked up. And when the customers go in for receiving the order the owner asks for the verification code without it won’t give you the order. Apart from that if paying online your credit card details will be entered in the system but the amount won’t be deducted until or unless you don’t notify or confirm it to the owner.


Building the concept.

SneakerMaps is a unique mobile app developed for sneaker lovers. Its not necessary people like good clothes or accessories but there are people who enjoy buying and collecting new sneakers, weather casual use or sports use. The home button pf the app helps you explore different featured shops and brands. The basic concept behind the creation of this app is people usually search the entire state in search of a specific sneaker like suppose Nike Air in the size 41, what this app will help you with is that it will allow you to easily locate your desired product easily through one single app on your smartphone.


In terms of marketing when launching a new product or service what the company should always keep in mind is the customer experience which should always be the priority. The strategy is to improve how customers interact with the team and with the products or services available on the app or website. Any new company tries to make sure that whoever interacts with them becomes a lifelong customer.

Look Up

Sneaker lovers are going to search up for their favorite brand sneaker or their required size on the website. Once found they firstly must book it then it can either be delivered or you can get it picked it from the store.

Check out/Delivery

The final stage is to check on the options available. A few stores will tell you to get it picked while others will tell to get it delivered. The pickup option will show the store name and store location on the map for ease of customers. The company makes sure it provides unique services. As new company’s marketing team is focusing on engaging customers into their services. As of today’s era, it all focuses upon delivering customized product or service to the customer according to their requirement and need.

Impressive result.

Sneaker maps is a platform loved by a lot of sneaker lovers as they wanted a platform to firstly shop online and secondly easily get their favorite sneaker in their nearby locality and get it picked up or delivered.

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