4 Mind-Blowing Mobile App Ideas for 2022 And Beyond


What are some of the mobile app ideas which have the potential to be the next best thing? One that can drastically change how we interact with our surroundings and develop web and mobile apps? We need to understand mobile app usage and statistics trends for something revolutionary to be born.

Popular statistics website Statista states that since 2016, mobile app usage has seen a revolutionary surge. As of 2022, 5,408,392 (5 million!) mobile apps are in use on the two most popular mobile app stores: Google Play and Apple App Stores. Of course, when you find that 87% of the world will use smartphones in 2022, this statistic doesn’t seem so unreal. 

We have compiled a list of the most ground-breaking mobile app ideas for anyone to take inspiration from, but we want to add a fair warning. The competition has become tighter over the years, with so many apps enrolling at the stores each day. However, it does not mean that your app idea is not worthy of a shot. 

Let’s see which mobile app ideas it has in them to break the norm and become huge. 

Mobile App Ideas for This Year and the Future

The mobile app ideas which can become massive in 2022 and beyond are:

Scan and Shop Mobile App Ideas

Have you heard of scan and shop stores popping up nearly everywhere? You can go to your Loblaw and ask them about their scan and shop feature. For simplicity, let’s call it Smartshop. It can become the new normal in m-Commerce because of stable internet connections and faster and more secure online transactions.

Here is how it works on your smartphone: open your scan option on your phone, and point it towards the QR code. You can use a default scanner or allow users to scan an item via your app. If you utilize the in-app option, make the sign-up/log-in option smooth and easy for customers. They should get a personalized dashboard of their own whenever they log in. 

After scanning, the app should transition to the product details, price, nutrition information, and package/expiry dates. Your app should allow the customers to check out, see their carts, remove or add items from the cart, and choose between home delivery or in-shop checkout. 

While you shop in person, all your cart items should get bagged at the counter. Your mobile app should accept a significant chunk or all credit card companies and mobile payment options such as Venmo, Google Play, and Apple Pay. 

The main gist of this app idea should be “scan, shop, and go.”

Virtual Interior Design Mobile App Ideas


Wouldn’t it be nice to see what your living space would feel like if you remodeled it? Now, you can create a realistic 3D interior design mobile app, which can make it a reality.

We know how fast AR and VR are getting developed in 2022. The concept of metaverse launching by the end of 2022 heavily relies on these technologies. Launching an app that allows users to model their space the way they want without actually doing it sounds like the best thing ever. 

Your app can have built-in designs, furniture pieces, and other adornments for experimentation. You can even go one step further by collaborating with furniture designers and retail shops to facilitate users further. Your customers will then be able to purchase the 3D models in reality via your collaborations. 

eLearning and Education Mobile App Ideas


If the pandemic taught us anything, we found out that we have a lot of time on our hands. How about getting that language course done when you are free? You can hop onto a mobile app to help you with e- and remote learning. Many universities are offering their courses for free to facilitate e-Learning

Maybe your app idea should be something along the same lines but also have a unique aspect. It can be in the shape of handing out course certificates at the end or giving problem-solving cheat sheets for some mathematical and numerical physics exercises. 

Food Delivery Mobile App Ideas

Food is a need that cannot just wane away with time. You can see many popular food delivery apps already in action these days. Especially after lockdowns, people rely on these apps for home delivery with minimum human interaction. 

You can make a fantabulous food delivery app that lets your customers fulfill their food cravings within a few swipes on their smartphones. Even the on-demand food delivery apps allow the users to rate and review the food delivery and the driver.

You can add the aspect of food donation through your app to make it appear unique from the competition. There are many other ways to keep the essence of your food delivery app and make it different. 

In a Nutshell

Many good mobile app ideas are excellent and mediocre, but you have to see what the market is moving towards and follow suit. Sometimes, you have to be a trendsetter and develop your trend. It depends on how lucky you are and the effort you are willing to put in. 


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