The Best App Development Companies in Toronto – 2022


What makes mobile and web app development companies in Toronto unique? For one thing, Toronto has seen a bustling wave of tech and startups over the last decade. New York Times is calling it a “quietly booming tech town.” It’s a no-brainer that tech giants such as Shopify, Slack, Hootsuite, and Wattpad belong to Toronto. Even Facebook, Google, and Amazon have their most significant outside of the US presence in Toronto.

With these tech companies comes the influx of skilled developers and designers. You can quickly get some of the best and most highly-qualified professionals in close vicinity. Availing the services of any of these professionals or companies can help you be on top of the shifting app development trends. These include blockchain, AI and Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you have a clear image of which app development companies are the best in Toronto, which will give you a run for your money, and which are hybrids in nature. We have a lot of tech startups in Toronto and nearby areas, but finding the one best suited for your requirements might be a tedious task. Choose accordingly. 

Best App Development Companies in Toronto

App Development Companies in Toronto

Canadian Software Agency

Canadian Software Agency provides a better, cheaper, and faster way to make web and mobile apps. Their long list of client review logs is a testimonial to their unique deliverance of projects. The Canadian Software Agency has worked with well-known brands and enterprises such as Walmart, OSI Affiliate, adsmoi, Lane Sales, etc.

Services: Full-stack mobile development, error-free mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms, and coming up with business solutions for clients are some of their key features. You can also ask them for flutter developers for low-cost app development if you’re on a budget. For web apps and software development, the agency provides eCommerce setup, data analysis, and mobile app development services.


  • Fast delivery
  • Free consulting hours
  • Affordable


  • A closely-knit family of coworkers, making the work environment informal


With a 5 rating on Clutch is our very first pick for the best app development companies in Toronto: MobileFolk. They clearly state that they take pride in making quality web and mobile applications on their website. They guide their clients in every step: from requirements gathering to application design, development, iteration, testing, and submission to Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Services: They are making iOS, Android, and React Native mobile apps. Their developers are also working tirelessly on payment processing, VoIP, geolocation, multimedia, CMS and eCommerce platforms, and data entry services. 


  • Good quality work
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Attention to detail


  • Larger projects have higher-than-average rates


DataEximIT is an IT solution provider specializing in mobile app development. They are aiming to be the one-stop-shop for several developmental solutions. Their ratings on Clutch are 4.5, which is not a lot, but it is certainly not the least.

Services: Because they want to have several services to attract more customers, there are some things they are working on, including mobile development for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Cross-Platform integrations. They are working on PHP,, RoR, Node JS, AngularJS, and many others in the web domain. Their other services are eCommerce, marketing, and UI/UX.


  • Excellent choice for startups and small businesses
  • Warm company culture


  • Higher rates than average

Node JS


AppStudio is an award-winning app development company with a talented team. Without a secure, robust, and highly scalable app development method, their projects are never complete. 

Services: Because they want to have many services to attract more customers, there are many things they are working on, including mobile development for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Cross-Platform integrations. They are working on PHP,, RoR, Node JS, AngularJS, and many others in the web domain. Their other services are eCommerce, marketing, and UI/UX.


  • Multiple solutions providing feature
  • Highly scalable


  • Might be spendy for startups


247Labs is helping small and medium business owners and startups with expert mobile and web app development services. The company terms its developers as vetted consultants, ensuring their customers are in good hands. Their unique problem-solving approach, creative design, and rigorous quality testing and assurance make them stand out in the competition.

Services: They are making apps for iOS, Android, hybrid platform apps, and even smartwatches and other wearable gadget OS. For web development, they are doing fantastic work in full-stack, front end, back end, servers, APIs, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu Phone.


  • Attention to detail
  • Follow-up support
  • Meet resource constraints 


  • Time of delivery for larger projects is slower


OpenXCell focuses a more significant chunk of its resources on developing innovative mobile app development strategies to help the business grow with acceleration. 

Services: Professional developers working with their offshore office help at every step, from expert business analysis, design, and development of the mobile application, to launching and integrating the new product into the infrastructure. They also provide further development scale-up after handing over the project and regular optimization on demand.


  • Economical
  • Round-the-clock service


  • Charges for rework

Essential Designs 

Essential Designs has been in the race of developing quality apps since 2008. They claim to make apps that make workflow more accessible and convenient, increase efficiency, mitigate problems, manage and provide access to large databases, add accountability, and improve quality.

Services: Their specialty services include work on Android apps, Apple, Native and Responsive app development, mobile or web-based, ASP, PHP, Swift, and Java. More than 60% of the projects undertaken by the company are mobile app development-related, whereas the rest are web app development solutions


  • Have 14 full-time senior developers ready to take on your project from the start
  • Have done more than a hundred different projects
  • A large number of the social media following


  • Not being actively responding to their client’s queries on social media


RootQuotient believes in agile culture and its promising results in handling project unknowns and uncertainty. They claim to have a flexible, innovative, and adaptable team, ready to work on any full-stack, hybrid, and native applications.

Services: Choosing RootQuotient will give users early access to the market because of its agile approach. The team plans for future scalability when building a more extensive database because that is much better than rework. Due to their secure by design default, the quality of the apps delivered never gets compromised.


  • Fast approach to problem-solving
  • Free consultation
  • Affordable


  • Relatively new

 What is the App Developers Cost in Toronto?

App Developers Cost in Toronto

Knowing about the charges ahead of time is crucial to consider if you have a startup or a small business. You can figure it out by determining the nature of projects you want to do with a software and app development company because that will determine the developers’ hourly rates. 

Here is a quick breakdown of how much it can cost someone in the Toronto region to get an app developed, based on their project scope:

  1. Simple apps: $15 – $55 (including adding new features, fixing bugs, and upgrades)
  2. Medium complexity apps: $20 – $75 (including OS updates, new version releases, design upgrades, and user testing)
  3. Large apps: $25 – $120 (including services like building from scratch, API integrations, database integration, app security, etc.)

If you still have questions about which app development company in Toronto is the one for your project, hit them up, and see what happens. Feel free to contact them and send your quotations. Good luck!


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