Enhanced User Experience: Introducing the WordPress Command Center


The Command Center, a fascinating new feature, will soon be available in WordPress. By enabling users to quickly browse through the admin’s many sections and execute commands, this feature seeks to revolutionize both admin navigation and command execution.

The Command Center was first introduced in Gutenberg 15.6 with the Experimental flag, allowing limited functionality for browsing and altering templates in the Site Editor context. The project, however, has grand aspirations to increase its capabilities to include the complete wp-admin interface. By adding this feature, plugin authors could register their instructions and pave the way for AI-powered extensions that would hasten the generation of layouts, content, and designs.

Enhanced User Experience

API of the Command Center

The suggested API to communicate with this functionality is a critical component of the Command Center project. With the help of APIs that dynamically render and register commands, the Command Center has been created as a standalone package named @wordpress/commands. With this extensible framework, plugin creators may add their commands, improving the functionality of their plugins and creating opportunities for communication with Language Models (LLMs). The objective is to provide a flexible and potent tool that can meet the various demands of WordPress users, from casual users to power users.

Comments and Obstacles

The Command Center has received a favorable first reaction, drawing attention to the potential advantages it can provide users. Some contributors, nevertheless, have questioned the real-world issue that this feature claims to alleviate. They point out that access to various WordPress sections is already made simple by the drop-down menu that is already present in the editor’s top center.

Some worry that the Command Center would complicate things by asking users to remember specific command names. Riad Benguella, a Gutenberg engineer, emphasized that the Command Center is being created as an additional user interface (UI) designed primarily for power and typical users. For users to use the Command Centre efficiently, there would be no need to memorize technical jargon.

Growth Outside of the Site Editor

Although the Command Center is only available for the Site Editor, negotiations are already taking place to expand it to include additional wp-admin sections. The conversation’s participants have stated their desire for a comprehensive Command Center implementation, arguing that it ought to be a component of a larger initiative to update the WordPress dashboard.

There is also a need for APIs that let interaction with Gutenberg data outside of the confines of an editor. The development team is aware of these issues and has said that after the behavior and APIs of the Command Center have been verified in the existing environment, further growth is planned.

WordPress Command Center

Following Steps and Comments

The Command Center is moving through numerous phases in its construction. The editor’s quick search for material and templates is the initial emphasis. The project’s development may be followed on GitHub, and as part of the Full Site Editing (FSE) Outreach Programme, the Command Center will also be tested.

The WordPress community is strongly invited to provide feedback, especially concerning the project’s APIs’ usability and functionality. This feedback will be crucial to address potential third-party use cases and guarantee the Command Center’s efficiency in various situations.


The WordPress Command Center feature can improve command execution throughout the platform and optimize admin navigation. The Command Center has already attracted much community attention and support during development. The Command Center can change how users interact with WordPress by enabling plugin authors to register their commands and incorporating AI-powered extensions, making jobs more convenient and practical.

Community feedback is crucial to improve this feature, ensure its usability, and meet the demands of various user groups. Innovative features like the Command Center show how WordPress is committed to enhancing user experience and giving developers the tools to build more effective and powerful websites.


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