Google Makes Gemini Pro Available to General Users


On Wednesday, Google announced that its groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence technology, “Gemini,” can now be accessed by premium users of AI Studio as well as Vertex AI. Moreover, Google is also making this AI assistant accessible in its enhanced coding tool Duet AI in the upcoming weeks.

With a free limit of 60 requests per minute, you can also get a sneak peek into the functionalities of Gemini Pro in the AI Studio. As per the tech giant’s official release, Gemini is 20 times faster than any other programming tool of the same nature.

Not to mention that Gemini Pro is not the only publicly available version of this powerful AI assistant – Gemini Ultra and Nano are also out there in the market. While Ultra can be accessed only by a handful of users, the Nano version will soon be released for mobile devices.

“Gemini is trained and part of a broad AI hyper-computing infrastructure,” said Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud’s CEO, in a press briefing, referring to the company’s custom AI chip, the Tensor Processing Unit, or TPU. “This is the infrastructure we’re offering not just internally but now to customers.”

As part of the announcement made on Wednesday, Google Cloud revealed the general availability of TPU v5p, the latest generation of their Tensor Processing Units. The new TPU v5p chips deliver a 4x increase in performance over the prior v4 chips, highlighting the rapid pace of advancement in Google Cloud’s AI and ML computing capabilities.

By leveraging Google’s specialized TPU AI hardware and advanced models like Gemini trained on their vast computing infrastructure, customers now have access to leading-edge large language models with performance reaching new heights. The v5p chips represent the state-of-the-art in Google Cloud’s suite of ML offerings – both in terms of hardware and software – provided through their cloud platform.



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