A startup always needs a strategy when launching in the market; either you launch in the B2B or B2C sector because a plan gives you competition. Market search before launching the startup, so you have firm ground in the market once found. Many things are to be kept in account when launching, like planning, analyzing, and implementing the project; details depend upon the project’s scope, which contains the idea, budget, and implementation.

A few entrepreneurs skip the app business plan stage as they believe that practice can help reach potential customers, but unfortunately, this leads nowhere. A business plan is required for mobile app development is first as some unique applications on the App store exceeded by 2.2 million over the past year. It is forecasted that the mobile industry might bring $190 billion in revenue in the coming year. So there is an app for everything invested in the mobile app business; as higher the investment, the higher the return.


Business Plan Template

Our mission is to create a stable and reliable mobile application for any organization; the question to be answered here is whether or not this application will give the company profit. The following template is followed when planning a business app plan:

1.Executive Summary

An executive summary should be clear and brief, targeting what investment you are seeking, target customers, and problems in the situation. Make sure your executive summary answers the following questions:
What solution are you looking for?
After carefully analyzing the audience’s needs, search for the existing solutions to overcome the problems of the potential customers.
What is the solution?
The solution can be given by introducing an app idea and a possible solution. It’s not yet the right time to submit your idea to the investors, to highlight the app to the targeted audience.
What change will the app bring to the market?
Here the USPs are defined while writing the business plan for the mobile app. The unique selling point will only be yours; this will help differentiate your app from the market competition. It is challenging if the target audience is not studied before the development phase. Valid proof should be provided that your app is worth investment, and this can be done by sharing forecasts, facts, and numbers.
What goal is achieved?
The vision of the app and its future goal should be appropriately presented to the investor who has to fund the project.

2.Make Business Profile of Your Company

An appealing overview automatically increases the interest as the future is unpredictable. Still, with attractive sections, you can bring in the investors by highlighting key team players, shareholders, and different operations.

Basic info

The investor should know what type of company you are; essentials include the location, whether your team works on-site or remote when the organization was established, size of the company, any problems your company is facing currently, the vision of the company, and the ultimate goal of the company.

The history

The history part includes how you came up with the company idea and how you started. Try making your story brief and catchy to grab the maximum audience. Mentioning milestones is also a part of letting the audience know what you have achieved and how you have grown.

Team introduction

Mention a few words about the specialists so the investors can better understand what they are involved in; you can make a virtual meeting instead of a boring description. Don’t forget to mention the specialist’s educational background, experience, and work history. This gives confidence to the investors to invest in.

3.Market analysis

We have to inform the investors regarding the size of the market, target audience, and competition. Understanding the past will help predict the future.

Size of the market

The following few factors are to be analyzed under this section: the number of users you can reach, the segment of first users, and the market demand.

Market change

In market change channels, you compare the market size now and five years before, what influencers have broken and what they have acquired. Social media is the best platform to advertise any new product or service. But always do market research to know better which media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are specific potential users.

Swot Analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT tells where you stand in the market; always share your strength and weakness with the investors as it encourages investors’ confidence.

Build the app

After identifying the app’s benefits, its worth, and USP, you share the app idea’s details and its type.

Type of app

Defining the app type is necessary, like a gaming app or an e-commerce app, etc. Every app has different features and will have other costs depending upon the additional features.

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is one part of your arrangement that will emphasize and change over the years. Most application new businesses, regardless of whether B2B or B2C, take on an assortment of developing strategies that worry everything from web-based media to content, PR, promoting, and references. The economic situations, you want to change how you get the item to the objective clients. A marketing strategy for an application startup proposes accomplishing objectives individually.

Monetization Strategy

Monetization strategy focuses on how efforts are turned into profit which can be done by advertising your app as it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to monetize. A paid app gives an impression that this might be a good app as millions of unpaid apps are available, so keep an installation fee to increase worth. You can add a free trial to attract more users, and after the trial period ends, charge a fee. Always choose a good strategy before the launch of any business.


The financial plan is the essential part of the app development process as investors see how they will make money, what it will cost to run the business, and how much funds are needed. The revenue model advertising works to intend the user for the paid product. In-app purchases are most viable easy to generate revenue. While subscription, a popular choice for B2B apps and development costs, helps in high incomes.


The funding process is to outline how much time will be required to get to the profitability, i.e., where one can say that their investment is safe now and in case more funds are needed, it can also be checked. In return, you value how much you are giving, or then again, sort out how lengthy it will take until productivity 29% of organizations hit a dead end financially, and 18% of organizations have different kinds of cost issues. A few expenses are paid once some are pay rates or upkeep costs.
Business plan for a mobile app startup wrapping up


After reading this blog, now you have complete knowledge of how to write a business plan for an app. It is estimated that 299 billion apps are downloaded worldwide annually. So please bring in your idea and convert it into a business.

Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Be professional
  • Avoid slang
  • Be simple and clear
  • Proofread, again and again, to avoid any kinds of errors

A business plan is fixed compared to a business proposal for any app. Please make such a plan that the investors get interested in making it catchy by bringing the team on board and consulting with experts. After completing this plan, you can now better know which method is better to achieve and get ahead of the competitors.


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