Kadence Blocks vs Generate Blocks vs Otter: Best WordPress Block Plugins for Gutenberg Compared


In this comprehensive blog, we compare the top three contenders – Kadence Blocks vs Generate Blocks vs Otter. 

Our goal is to help you understand the pros and cons of each plugin to decide which solution will work best for your WordPress website. With the right blocks plugin, you can save time building pages that convert visitors into customers.

With the blocks editor revolutionizing WordPress site building, dedicated blocks plugins have become essential for designing professional websites. But with loads of options available, how do you determine the best WordPress blocks plugins for your needs?

Some users may prefer the design flexibility of Generate Blocks or the refined experience offered by Otter. But we have determined that Kadence Blocks is the best all-around free WordPress blocks plugin available. With its unbeatable selection of quality blocks, beginner-friendly interface, and lightweight performance, Kadence Blocks adds immense value for website owners using the block editor.

Read on for the complete comparison of Kadence Blocks vs Generate Blocks vs Otter and our recommendations to help determine the perfect blocks plugin to achieve your site-building goals with WordPress.

What to Look for in a WordPress Blocks Plugin

With the launch of the new WordPress block editor, also known as Gutenberg, how we build websites in WordPress has changed dramatically. The block editor allows you to create your content in modular blocks, revolutionizing WordPress page building much like visual drag-and-drop builders.

But the basic blocks that come with WordPress core don’t provide everything you need to build professional-looking sites. This is where dedicated WordPress blocks plugins come in handy. The best blocks plugins give you an expansive collection of design blocks to choose from, making it easy to create beautiful pages with Gutenberg.

When evaluating WordPress blocks plugins, here are some key factors to look for:

  • Number and variety of blocks – More blocks mean more design flexibility. Look for block packs that offer headers, footers, buttons, icons, spacers, tabs, accordions and other specialty blocks.
  • Customization options – The best blocks allow you to tweak colors, typography, shapes, sizes and other settings so you can tailor blocks precisely for your brand.
  • Ease of use – Blocks should be simple to insert and require no coding knowledge. Check that a plugin’s blocks integrate flawlessly into the editor.
  • Performance – Blocks shouldn’t slow your site down. Well-coded blocks are optimized to load fast and won’t bloat your pages.
  • Support and documentation – What support options does the plugin offer? How comprehensive is the documentation? This gives you an idea of ease of use.
  • Price – Some excellent free block plugins are available. However, premium options often provide enhanced support and additional pro blocks.

The Best Gutenberg Block Plugin: Kadence Blocks vs Generate Blocks vs Otter

The Gutenberg block editor first launched in WordPress in 2018, revolutionizing page building with its modular approach. While Gutenberg comes built into WordPress core, its basic block library leaves room for improvement. This is where Gutenberg block plugins come into play.

The best Gutenberg plugins empower you to customize and enhance the editor with more advanced blocks and customization settings. They provide the missing puzzle pieces to transform Gutenberg into a flexible website builder on par with popular page builders like Elementor.

Even though Gutenberg offers more limited design options out of the box than external page builders, addons and block collections expand its capabilities immensely. With the right plugins, you can achieve greater precision and creative freedom when building pages in Gutenberg.

Let’s dive into a comparison of three of the most popular WordPress blocks plugins – Kadence Blocks, GenerateBlocks and Otter – using these criteria to see which one comes out on top.

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks is a WordPress blocks plugin created by Kadence Themes that add custom-designed blocks to enhance your site-building experience in the block editor. With over 130 blocks available in their free version, it’s one of the most robust free packages out there.

Notable Kadence Blocks:

  • Advanced Gallery – Display responsive image galleries.
  • Info Box – Create stylish info boxes with icons.
  • Button – Design beautiful CTA buttons with custom styles.
  • Testimonials – Show client testimonials in different layouts.
  • Tabs – Easily build vertical or horizontal tabbed content.
  • Accordion – Present collapsible accordion content sections.
  • Spacer – Add responsive vertical space between blocks.
  • Icon – Select from over 1500 icons to add to pages.


Kadence Blocks fills in many of the design gaps left by the standard WordPress blocks. You have fine-tuned control over typography, colors, spacing, imagery and more. The blocks “just work” flawlessly with no coding necessary.

With each new release, more advanced blocks are added. The plugin is translated into multiple languages for broad use.

Kadence Blocks integrates tightly with Kadence themes. But it works great with any theme and is one of the top standalone blocks plugins.

How It Works

Once installed, the blocks elegantly integrate right into the WordPress editor. Browse the selection and add whichever blocks you need to build your content.

Configuring blocks is easy using the settings side panel. Compared to code-heavy page builders, you can build with Kadence Blocks in a fraction of the time.

Blocks are content-focused and lightweight. So they won’t slow down your pages. And you can reuse blocks across different pages like you would reuse widgets.


Kadence Blocks has a solid free version, making it one of the best free WordPress blocks plugins.

The Pro version is available for a one-time fee of $99 and includes:

  • 80+ additional pro blocks
  • Priority email support
  • No Kadence branding
  • Access to Kadence templates

Who Kadence Blocks is Best For

Kadence Blocks is a great option for any WordPress user looking for quality blocks that are:

  • Free – The number of excellent blocks you get for free is unmatched.
  • Easy to Use – With customization done visually, no coding skills are required.
  • Lightweight – Site speed won’t be impacted by bulky blocks.
  • Flexible – Blocks work well with any theme.

The affordable pro upgrade is available for site owners who want access to premium blocks. The free version is still one of the top Gutenberg editor plugins on its own though.


  • Huge selection of free blocks
  • New blocks are added with each update
  • Easy to customize design settings visually
  • Blazing fast performance
  • No coding skills required
  • Works with any theme


  • No global styling options
  • The pro version is not cheap for a single-site


Generate Blocks

Generate Blocks is a WordPress block plugin focused on website building flexibility. It combines a library of pre-built blocks with a custom CSS generator for unlimited design capabilities.

Notable Generate Blocks:

  • Woo Commerce – Blocks tailored for Woo Commerce stores.
  • Magnet – Drag and drop to build custom block layouts.
  • Slider – Create responsive image slideshows.
  • Post Grid – Display posts in a filterable, sortable grid.
  • Table of Contents – Auto generate and display TOC.
  • Sharing Icons – Add social sharing buttons.


Generate Blocks straddles the line between page builders and standard blocks plugins. The curated blocks library simplifies website building. However advanced users have the tools to customize designs beyond limitations.

With the custom CSS generator, you can adapt existing blocks or build custom blocks from scratch that match your brand style. The Magnet drag-and-drop block editor takes this a step further for easy multi-column layouts.

Generate Blocks markets itself as an “anywhere” blocks solution working with WordPress sites, themes, and page builders. The blocks are well supported, but the main draw is better design control.

How It Works

Like other blocks plugins, Generate Blocks adds its block library to the editor. Enable any blocks you want access to from the settings.

Insert and arrange blocks to build your content normally. Use the integrated CSS editor to add custom CSS tweaks as needed.

For more advanced customization, the Magnet block editor allows dragging and dropping blocks into multi-column layouts. Save these templates for reuse.


Generate Blocks has a free version containing about two-thirds of the total blocks library.

Their Pro version is available for:

  • $69 per year for a single site
  • $199 per year for unlimited sites

The Pro version includes extra blocks, templates, and priority support. A lifetime deal for unlimited sites is occasionally offered for $299.

Who Generate Blocks is Best For

GenerateBlocks appeals most to developers and designers who want more customization control when building with blocks.

It’s a great fit for sites like:

  • Woo Commerce stores need specialized blocks.
  • Sites that want custom-looking blocks without coding.
  • Anyone who builds sites within Blocksy, Kadence, Generate Press and other popular themes.
  • Users want to leverage blocks with page builders like Elementor.

The flexibility opens more creative possibilities compared to more restrictive blocks plugins.


  • Huge collection of design blocks
  • Custom CSS editor for unlimited styling control
  • Unique Magnet drag-and-drop editor
  • Modules for WooCommerce sites
  • Works across WordPress environments


  • There is more of a learning curve than basic options
  • Need CSS knowledge for full customization
  • It can be slow with extra scripts



Otter is a WordPress block plugin created by Theme Isle that focuses on building a beautiful and optimized user experience in the block editor. The library is not as large as some competitors but the available blocks are meticulously crafted.

Notable Otter Blocks:

  • Sections – Create customizable content sections.
  • Advanced Heading – Design attractive headings.
  • Buttons – Build smooth animated buttons.
  • Slider – Add image carousels.
  • Sharing Icons – Add social sharing buttons.
  • Testimonials – Display customer testimonials.
  • Maps – Embed interactive Google Maps.
  • Click to Tweet – Generate tweetable content.


The motto behind Otter is “carefully crafted blocks.” And you can see the attention to detail that sets it apart. Block styles are pre-made to look great while being flexible enough for most use cases.

Performance is also a major focus. Blocks are lightweight with optimized scripts. A lazy load feature only loads assets as blocks become visible.

This results in a very polished block editor experience right out of the box. Less customization is needed and pages load super fast.

How It Works

Installing Otter brings its block collection into the editor. Browse the selector panel and click to insert available blocks.

Use the integrated customization options to tweak blocks based on your brand and content needs. Options are cleanly presented to modify styles without coding.

The Otter team regularly adds new innovative blocks like maps, click-to-tweet, and video popups to round out the offering.


Otter has one of the most convenient pricing structures. You get access to all current and future blocks for:

  • $39 per year for a single site
  • $129 per year for unlimited sites

This single license tier means you get unlimited future updates and blocks no matter when you buy. Support is included for both packages.

Who Otter is Best For

Otter shines for users who want a refinement of the WordPress editing experience using polished high-end blocks.

It’s a great option for:

  • General website owners who want to minimize complexity.
  • Bloggers and small businesses who need a faster, no-hassle site-building process.
  • Users who need to optimize performance with lightweight blocks.

Otter offers a level of quality and cohesion not found in many other blocks plugins. The performance boost is another major perk.


  • Carefully designed blocks with cohesive styles
  • Optimized for the fastest performance
  • Regular updates with new blocks
  • Simple transparent pricing
  • Top-notch support from ThemeIsle


  • A smaller selection of blocks overall
  • Less control over block customization
  • Only one year of updates for a single license

Otter Blocks

The Verdict: Kadence Blocks vs Generate Blocks vs Otter

So, which blocks plugin should you choose after comparing Kadence Blocks vs Generate Blocks vs Otter?

All three are excellent options to help you build quality websites with WordPress. But in terms of the best all-around solution, Kadence Blocks wins as our top recommended Gutenberg blocks plugin.

Here’s a quick recap on why Kadence Blocks edges out the competition:

  • The most comprehensive free version with 130+ well-designed blocks
  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use without coding skills
  • Lightning-fast performance thanks to optimized scripts
  • Blocks look great with any theme
  • Mature plugin maintained by Kadence Themes
  • Affordable one-time Pro upgrade for extra perks

For design flexibility paired with usability, Kadence Blocks is hard to beat. It checks all the boxes by providing a massive free library of beautiful blocks that are a joy to work with. The plugin perfectly walks the line between simplicity and customization.

Any of these three plugins can level up your WordPress website when used properly. However, when evaluating all the factors together, Kadence Blocks stands out as the solution offering the most value. It fulfills the needs of most users while remaining accessible as a free download.

So try out Kadence Blocks if you want to maximize your website-building potential with Gutenberg blocks in WordPress. With custom blocks and design options galore, your creative site ideas can become reality without needing to write any code.

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Is Kadence better than Elementor?

Kadence Blocks and Elementor serve different purposes. Kadence is a plugin that expands Gutenberg’s core blocks, while Elementor is a separate visual page builder that can replace Gutenberg.

For quickly building pages with common blocks, Kadence is easier and faster. However, Elementor offers vastly more design flexibility and customization for advanced users. Ultimately, they work well together, with Kadence enhancing Gutenberg and Elementor as a fully separate builder.


What is the difference between Elementor and GenerateBlocks?

The main difference is that GenerateBlocks is a blocks plugin that gives you more options to use within Gutenberg. Elementor is a standalone page builder that lets you fully customize pages outside of Gutenberg.

GenerateBlocks adds more block types and customization to Gutenberg’s existing interface. Elementor has its own editor with far more capabilities like flexbox-based layouts. GenerateBlocks improves Gutenberg while Elementor replaces it.



Which is better block editor or Elementor?

For simplicity and speed, Gutenberg wins. But Elementor provides significantly more design freedom. It depends on your needs.

Gutenberg with add-ons like Kadence can suffice for simpler sites. But for advanced customization needs, Elementor is better suited for complex pages and pixel-perfect design control.



Why Gutenberg is better than Elementor?

The main advantages of Gutenberg are:

  • Built into WordPress core so no extra plugins are needed
  • Very lightweight and fast page loads
  • Simpler interface to learn for beginners
  • Encourages modular design using blocks
  • Easy content portability across pages

However, Elementor has advantages like:

  • Many more customization options
  • Visual drag-and-drop flexible layouts
  • Advanced widgets for complex designs
  • Works with themes and templates

So for simplicity, Gutenberg wins. But Elementor offers far greater creative control if you need that.


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