Mistakes you should avoid when outsourcing software development company


At Company we try to avoid any mistakes which will bring in any negative impact upon the client. As there might be many but we decided to list down top five mistakes when outsourcing a software development company.

Mistake #1. Lack Of Research

Any project success depends on client and vendor. A company cannot just throw all the requirements over and expect a vendor to give in a perfect solution. What you will need is to participate in the development process while ongoing, you refer to the company and person assigned for the project.

What you need to do is find and assign someone who is responsible for the project. Whoever that expert is will be responsible for leading the project from our end and this will include:

  • collect all requirements from the stakeholders to prioritize the requirements which are provided by the vendor or a communication to be made between vendor and stakeholder.
  • Daily part should be taken in the communication with the vendor
  • Project status check and to prioritize tasks
  • Updating the backlog with vendor

Project success all depends on ability to provide in real time to the vendor information in a proper way. In order to avoid this always assign the best project manager to the projects.

‍Mistake #2. Goals Not Sure

When hiring a software development company, you might be sure of what application or software to select but not sure of the process. When outsourcing team, a clearly defined project scope helps to get in time project which results in delivering a good product and also makes smooth relationship.

Mistake #3. Budget Issue

Budget and cost of any project is the main key before outsourcing keeping in mind that quality is not compromised. When a company decides to outsource for any project it ultimately reduces the cost but not that much.

Keeping in mind the budget as it helps you as well as the developers to quickly know if you are hiring the right person or not. When you set a meeting with your supplier, he charges more but works in exceptional way you then at times compromise on your budget. The strategy what these less budget company use is that they promise to deliver everything on time but not of quality.

‍Mistake #4. Fail to communicate properly

People often fail or end up in any misunderstanding due to lack of miscommunication. A two way communication between the company and client is necessary for a successful project. All the things should be transparent during the project so that there are no misunderstandings and both sides know they are on the same page. Achievement can only be achieved through good communication.

Mistake #5. Choosing a company which is not updated with modern trends

Hiring a company which is outdated causes some major drawbacks for the project as well as the company. If the company, you selected can code better than others but only uses workflow for some specific area then this cases major breakdown in the software experience by the users.

So always keep in mind when hiring a developer for your project that it meets all the requirements which include work ethics, cultural environment, legal compliance etc.

When hiring a software development company, you must be active in the participation with the client as well as the developer. We hope you avoid these common mistakes now that you know them so you can have more successful projects.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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