Grey Eagle

Combining entertainment and hospitality at a single hub, Grey Eagle is a one-of-its-kind solution to facilitate those seeking the thrill of a casino and the joy of an advanced gift shop. Located on an island just outside of Canada, Grey Eagle is a luxurious resort featuring a 24-hour casino, 187-room hotel, and five dining options. At an affordable price, you can book and reserve all the luxuries offered by this hotel with just a few taps.


The WordPress developers at Canadian Software Agency pursued a diligently engineered process for website development, stressing key stages - interface design, sophisticated coding architecture, and rigorous functionality testing.

  • Strategy

    Agile Approach

  • Design

    Wireframes, Prototypes

  • Client


  • Technology


  • Industry


  • Platform


  • Features

    Personalized Packages, Innovative Interface, Live Weather Camera, Safe Gambling Solution

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