Parking GreenP

Parking GREENP is an initiative spearheading a public service mission to overhaul parking convenience in Toronto through intelligent technology. As a pioneering smart parking solution for the city, it empowers residents with real-time visibility into parking availability across neighborhoods. Going beyond spotting vacant regular parking spots, Parking GREENP also assists electric vehicle owners by pointing them to the nearest EV charging stations through its interactive maps and location services. This revolutionary platform attempts to address the daily parking hassles Toronto drivers grapple with.


The web developers at Canadian Software Agency employed a meticulously planned approach for smooth website building, emphasizing critical phases - exceptional design, robust development, and extensive testing.

  • Strategy

    Agile Approach

  • Design

    Mockups and Wireframes

  • Client


  • Technology


  • Industry

    Smart Parking Solution

  • Platform


  • Features

    Easy-to-use Interface, Access To Nearest Parking Locations, Real-time Access To Parking Reports, Location of Nearest EV Charging Stations

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