Why You Can Never Run a Digital Marketing Company if You Do THIS!


A digital marketing company is a potential for an industry that currently sits at a $370 billion evaluation, so it’s not something you can ignore. It is why a significant number of entrepreneurs think they can come up with a company of their own and make it big. What ends up happening is that these people focus entirely on what to do and not much on what not to do. It makes their shining in the sun moment little more than a blimp.

Let’s be brutally honest: the world does not need another digital marketing company or agency despite what entrepreneurs believe. The ones we have is doing much better because they have had time to settle in and be innovative while no one else could dethrone them. 

A simple Google search of “digital marketing agency” yields 1,140,000,000 results. That’s more than a billion! The competition is insane, and the fact that more digital marketing companies go bankrupt within their maiden year says a lot about the landscape. 

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Before heading onto the don’ts, we need to look at the dos which work. What do you need to start a digital marketing agency or company from scratch?

Identifying the market is the first step in creating a digital marketing company. Many entrepreneurs go for the problem-solving approach, looking for things to fix. Once you have identified the problem, now you have a business model. Setting up a business and projecting success is the next step.

You know where you’re going, and the way seems pretty straightforward. Why is it that people cannot stay afloat in this business even then? What are the things to avoid, like the plague, when you venture out to set up a company? Let’s find out. 


Digital Marketing Company Starter Pack

Things to Avoid When Starting a Digital Marketing Company

Small to mid-level businesses crave growth, and what happens when you’re hungry? You don’t use your head that often. It is also the case with budding companies and a significant hurdle to making well-established digital marketing agencies. You have a problem and come up with a solution, but you gloss over the part where you had to brainstorm a marketing strategy or a business plan. And now you suffer.

Here are some of the big no-nos when it comes to establishing a flourishing digital marketing ecosphere:

Moving With No Plan 

Here, the term “no plan” does not necessarily mean that a plan is absent, but the lack of substantial quality. Digital marketing isn’t all about posting on social media and engaging customers. It is also defining clear goals for today and the future. 

Your digital marketing company needs a list of defined goals, how your projects will meet those goals, and which tools and platforms will get used. Not just that, there needs to be a planned success measuring metric for each team member. 

Blending with Other Digital Marketing Companies

No customer will pay attention if they sense you do not have that X-factor. What is different in your business model from the rest of the competition? How are you adding value to the existing niche? These questions are essential to figuring out in advance. 

The best way to handle it is to present a USP (unique selling proposition) while drafting the business plan. It will also help you formulate an impressive social media campaign in the long run.

Weak Budgeting Structures

For starting something new, you need planned budget estimates and the financial capital to handle the highs and lows. At every step of the way, you should know exactly where you spent your money. Many entrepreneurs get lazy when it comes to money because it is a tedious task, but if you’re tracking your expenses monthly, you’re far more likely to be better prepared for the next month.

When putting aside budget or pricing systems for niches, understand that some cannot work on billable hours or a flat fee structure. Digital marketing aspects such as PPC need to work on a percentage of the client’s profit. Otherwise, you will weaken your business structure with no return on money. You have to be smart when it comes to handling money in business. Otherwise, you’re going to just cry about it.

Not Outsourcing

No matter how much you like, you cannot do everything. Budding businesses do not realize the power of outsourcing; they view it as money-wastage. No one can do everything, so focusing on what you do best is better. If you feel like your team is stronger on the frontend work, outsource the backend work to any reputable professional or company. The time you save this way can be spent in a better way, possibly planning to go with the market trends and be innovative and ahead of the curve. 

In a Nutshell

If you have read this far, now you know what you need to avoid when starting a new digital marketing company. Realize your potential, seek help where you want and be unique and trendy. The latter qualities will get you in the good books of the millennials, for sure. Think ahead. 


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