Wild Tonic

Wild Tonic tantalizes taste buds with unique, organic drinks crafted for your wellness. The online store, built on Shopify, Liquid, and Bootstrap, offers a convenient way to explore and purchase naturally fermented beverages. With a user-friendly interface, comprehensive product catalog, and secure payment system, customers can easily discover new favorites, manage subscriptions, and track deliveries – all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with quality and health in every sip.


The developers at Canadian Software Agency followed a pre-set strategy to ensure the seamless development of the website, with a special focus on the design, development, and testing phases.

  • Strategy

    Agile Approach

  • Design

    Mockups and Wireframes

  • Client


  • Technology

    Bootstrap, JSON Liquid

  • Industry

    Beverage Retail

  • Features

    Real-time Order Tracking, Subscription Models, Secure Online Payment, Personalized Shopping Cart

  • Tags


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