Tired of the buy-and-throw cycle? Zwapifi enables sustainable swaps with their React Native-built platform. Trade items, not cash, with ease and fairness. Declutter your space, find hidden treasures, and reduce waste, all while enjoying a seamless trading experience. More than just an app, Zwapifi’s intuitive platform revolutionizes online trading, one fair exchange at a time.


Our team of React Native developers at Canadian Software Agency skillfully navigated the client's roadmap, transforming that vision into a user-friendly and impactful website. From crafting a visually appealing design to ensuring a smooth launch, we brought our expertise and efficiency to every stage. The result? A website that delights visitors and drives results.

  • Strategy

    Agile Approach

  • Design

    Wireframes, Prototypes

  • Client


  • Technology

    React Native

  • Industry

    Trading / Marketplace

  • Features

    Listings Creation, User Authentication, Built-in Messenger, Extensive Marketplace

  • Tags


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