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Shopify stands out as one of the leading ecommerce platforms, catering to a wide range of businesses, whether you’re into reselling, manufacturing, or drop shipping. However, operating a Shopify store with just its basic features may not be sufficient to maximize your profits. To truly enhance your online store’s capabilities, you can leverage a variety of integrations that streamline inventory management, supercharge marketing efforts, and optimize your website. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to valuable Shopify integrations, many of which offer free plans to bolster every aspect of your business.

What Are Shopify Integrations?

Shopify integrations are apps that expand the capabilities of your primary Shopify store. These integrations act as add-ons, available for download from the official Shopify store, and don’t require specialized coding skills. They offer many functions, from enhancing your website with small design elements to streamlining shipping and logistics.

Moreover, you can integrate Shopify with virtually any other application using data integration solutions like This app connects Shopify with tools like spreadsheets or data visualization solutions, enabling automatic sales data exports. This feature facilitates comprehensive monitoring and analysis of your online store’s performance.

The Ultimate Shopify Integrations List

Let’s examine essential Shopify integrations available in the Shopify app store, each contributing to improved marketing, sales, design, and inventory management, as well as expanding your presence beyond Shopify.

Shopify Integration for Automation and Analytics 

Analytics is a critical component for informed business decisions, and it can be complex when solely relying on the Shopify platform. Here’s a top pick for comprehensive assistance:

Pricing: Starting from $64 per month, with a 14-day free trial. is an all-in-one data automation and analytics platform offering an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solution. It provides four distinct Shopify integrations, including Shopify to Google Sheets, Shopify to Excel, Shopify to BigQuery, and Shopify to Looker Studio. These integrations allow you to automatically export Shopify data to platforms like Google Sheets, Excel, and more, enhancing your sales and marketing analytics.’s true strength lies in data analytics, providing the ability to automate reporting and analytics of your sales and marketing data. This interactive dashboard built in Looker Studio, Tableau, or Power BI empowers you to analyze key performance metrics, making informed business decisions more accessible. If the setup seems daunting,’s data consulting team can handle the configuration, saving you valuable time.

Shopify Integrations for Design

Standing out in the crowded Shopify marketplace requires a touch of creativity, and these Shopify integrations can help unleash that creativity:

Product Reviews

Pricing: Free

Customer reviews and social proof are pivotal in digital marketing. This free app allows you to seamlessly integrate customer reviews into your website, enabling customers to leave reviews and showcase them in a dedicated section. 

Product reviews not only boost your store’s credibility but also provide valuable insights to potential buyers, making them an essential tool for e-commerce businesses.


Pricing: Free basic features, with pricing starting at $5.99.

User-generated content is a potent form of social proof. InstaFeed lets you integrate user-generated content from your Instagram account into your Shopify store, displaying it in a grid view format. This feature can entice customers to follow your page and boost sales on social media.

 By leveraging the power of visual content and social engagement, InstaFeed helps create a dynamic and authentic shopping experience for your customers, encouraging trust and brand loyalty.

Shopify Translate & Adapt

Pricing: Free

This free tool simplifies translation and localization for your Shopify store, catering to multiple locations. It automatically translates every element of your page, making it indispensable for businesses shipping abroad. Shopify Translate & Adapt not only breaks down language barriers but also ensures your online store resonates with a global audience. 

It can significantly expand your customer base and increase international sales, all while providing a seamless shopping experience for non-English-speaking customers.

PageFly Landing Page Builder

Pricing: Basic features are free for one page, with paid plans starting at $24.

PageFly is a versatile app that enables you to design landing and product pages. Whether you’re a seasoned Shopify store owner looking for a redesign or a beginner, PageFly offers a range of templates and customization options to enhance your store’s appearance.

 With its drag-and-drop functionality and user-friendly interface, PageFly empowers you to create visually appealing, responsive landing pages that are optimized for conversions. It’s an ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their website’s aesthetics and user experience to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

These Shopify integrations for design provide the necessary tools to enhance the visual appeal, credibility, and user experience of your online store, ultimately helping you stand out in the competitive world of e-commerce. Whether it’s through customer reviews, user-generated content, multilingual support, or landing page design, these integrations offer creative solutions to help you achieve your Shopify store’s full potential.

Shopify Integrations for Marketing

Effective marketing is crucial in informing potential customers about your offerings. These Shopify integrations are designed to help you achieve just that:


Pricing: Free, with optional ad spend.

TikTok has evolved beyond a platform for short videos and dance challenges. It has become a thriving marketplace where people actively seek new products and brands. By integrating TikTok with your Shopify store, you can harness this platform’s potential for product discovery. Run video ad campaigns to engage your audience and drive new sales. 

However, it’s important to note that creating compelling and creative product videos is essential for this ad format to succeed. TikTok provides powerful tools to target your ads effectively and reach the right audience.

Facebook & Instagram 

Pricing: Free, with optional ad spend.

Social media advertising is a cornerstone of many Shopify store owners’ marketing strategies. This integration simplifies the process by allowing you to seamlessly sync your Instagram and Facebook profiles with your Shopify store. Not only can you import your products for ad campaigns, but you can also connect your store to Meta’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. 

Expanding your sales reach can be a game-changer, reaching a broader audience and driving sales through familiar social media channels.


Pricing: Pricing varies, starting at $13.

While Shopify Email is a valuable email marketing app, MailChimp takes your email marketing efforts to the next level. MailChimp is renowned for its feature-rich email marketing solutions. It offers industry-specific statistics, AI-driven content tools, and pre-built pop-ups that are ideal for building and expanding your email lists.

 Even if you decide to migrate from Shopify to another e-commerce platform in the future, you can continue to use MailChimp, ensuring the continuity of your email marketing efforts.


Pricing: Up to 200 monthly orders, with paid plans starting at $29.99.

Affiliate marketing can be a highly lucrative strategy for Shopify businesses. The UpPromote integration smooths the process of finding and managing affiliate partners who can help promote your products. 

By expanding your reach through affiliate marketing, you have the potential to boost sales significantly. The platform also facilitates seamless payment management for your affiliates, making it a win-win situation for both you and your partners in promoting your brand.

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

Pricing: Up to 200 monthly orders, starting at $49.

Loyalty and rewards programs are powerful tools for retaining and incentivizing customers. The integration allows you to create a referral program and a loyalty program within your Shopify store. These programs encourage customer engagement and loyalty by offering rewards and incentives for repeat business. 

However, it’s crucial to use these programs judiciously, as they can impact your bottom line. Implement them strategically to maximize their benefits while maintaining profitability.

Shopify Integrations for Inventory Management

It’s essential to manage your store’s inventory efficiently. Here are two options to consider:


Pricing: 30 free orders per month, with pricing starting at $19.

Sellbrite offers comprehensive inventory management solutions. Not only can you efficiently manage your Shopify store’s inventory, but you can also seamlessly connect it with popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. 

This integration streamlines inventory management across multiple marketplaces, preventing overselling and reducing the risk of stockouts. Additionally, Sellbrite automates order fulfillment, ensuring a smooth and error-free process for your Shopify store.


Pricing: Free

Stocky, developed by Shopify itself, is a versatile and cost-effective inventory management app. It caters to a wide range of businesses and their inventory management needs. Beyond basic inventory control, Stocky offers order fulfillment capabilities, making it easier to process and ship orders efficiently.

Moreover, Stocky provides valuable analytical tools, offering historical purchase data and utilizing ABC analysis to help you identify your most profitable products. This data-driven approach to inventory management can be a game-changer for optimizing your product offerings and stock levels.

Shopify Integrations for Inventory Management

Shopify Integrations for Sales Optimization

When it comes to optimizing your Shopify store for increased sales, several integrations can make a significant impact:

Omega – Multi Facebook Pixels

Pricing: $12.99, with a 7-day free trial.

Omega is a powerful app designed to simplify the integration of Facebook Pixel into your store. This integration is essential for anyone running Facebook ads as it provides valuable reporting features.

By streamlining the initial phases of running Facebook ads, Omega not only saves you money but also enhances your store’s performance through data analytics. It helps you track user behavior, measure ad performance, and retarget visitors effectively, ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

Frequently Bought Together

Pricing: $9.99/-

This app is a game-changer when it comes to upselling. It automatically generates a list of frequently bought together products for each item in your store. It means that when customers view or add one product to their cart, they are presented with complementary products, encouraging them to make additional purchases. 

Making the upselling process seamless and convenient can significantly boost your store’s revenue with minimal effort.

Recharge Subscription

Pricing: $99, with a 30-day free trial.

For businesses operating on a subscription model, Recharge is an invaluable integration. It simplifies the management of your customer subscriptions, automates payments, and provides efficient customer support. 

Additionally, Recharge offers analytics features, enabling you to monitor your store’s subscription performance and identify areas for improvement. It streamlines the entire subscription process, enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales and customer retention.

Recommended Product – Salesup

Pricing: Free.

Salesup is a free app that significantly enhances your upselling and cross-selling efforts. It automatically recommends popular products to website users based on browsing and purchasing history. 

Moreover, it displays previously viewed products in the page’s footer, encouraging customers to revisit products they’ve shown interest in. While it may have a limited scope, it can significantly improve your store’s overall sales without additional cost.

Bulk Discount Code Bot

Pricing: Three discount sets for free, with pricing starting at $19.

Bulk Discount Code Bot is a straightforward yet effective app that generates discount codes for your marketing efforts. These codes can be used in various marketing campaigns, such as email marketing or social media promotions, to attract and retain customers. 

When customers see the option to redeem a discount code during the checkout process, it can be a powerful incentive to complete their purchase. Bulk Discount Code Bot integrates seamlessly into your store, making the process of applying discounts straightforward for both you and your customers.


Shopify Integrations with Marketplaces

Expanding your reach by selling on multiple platforms is a smart business move. Shopify offers integrations with various marketplaces to make this process seamless:

CedCommerce eBay Integration

Pricing: 50 products for free, with paid plans starting at $29.

If you’re an eBay seller, this integration allows you to connect your Shopify store with eBay. It simplifies the process of exporting Shopify products to eBay, synchronizing inventory levels, and automating order management. 

It also ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers, whether they purchase from your Shopify store or through eBay.

Amazon Importer Spreadr App

Pricing: $5, with a 7-day free trial.

If you’re involved in dropshipping and looking to source products from Amazon, the Spreadr App is an affordable solution. It lets you upload Amazon products to your Shopify store, synchronize inventory, and offer pricing control.

 One unique feature is that it replaces the “Buy” button with “Check price on Amazon,” allowing customers to compare prices and providing a convenient shopping experience. This integration can help you expand your product catalog and diversify your offerings.

Free and Essential Shopify Integrations

Even if you’re on a budget, there are essential integrations that can enhance your Shopify store:

Shopify Email

Pricing: 10,000 free emails per month.

Shopify Email is a versatile email marketing app that can meet the needs of most small business owners. It allows you to create branded emails using a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. You can establish automated email sequences, track results within the Shopify admin panel, and segment your emails to cater to different customer types.

 With 10,000 free monthly emails, it’s a cost-effective way to engage with your customers and boost sales through targeted email marketing.


Pricing: Analyze 100 customers for free, with pricing starting at $29 per month.

Peek! is an analytics app that provides in-depth insights into customer interactions with your store. It records customer journeys across your website, offering a comprehensive view of how visitors navigate and interact with your products. 

Additionally, it conducts post-purchase customer surveys, providing a direct way to gather valuable feedback and opinions. While the free plan is limited to analyzing 100 customers, it’s a valuable tool for optimizing your store’s performance, especially for those starting out and looking to understand their customer base better.


Pricing: 50 shipments per month for free, with pricing starting at $29.

Shipping is a critical aspect of e-commerce, and Easyship is an optimal choice for simplifying this process. It supports significant shipping companies worldwide, allowing customers to select the best shipping option based on price and speed. 

The free plan includes up to 50 monthly shipments, making it an excellent way to start your Shopify business by providing a seamless customer experience from day one. As your business grows, you can easily scale up your shipping needs with Easyship.

Smart SEO

Pricing: Basic optimization is free, with pricing starting at $9.99.

Optimizing your website for search engines, even when running ads, is essential to attract organic traffic from Google. Smart SEO provides basic technical SEO improvements for free, enhancing your store’s search engine visibility. 

It helps you address common SEO issues, such as meta tags, headings, and structured data, ensuring your store is well-optimized for search engines. Paid plans offer advanced features like optimizing images and more advanced SEO tag editing, allowing you further to boost your store’s visibility in search results.


Pricing: Free

In nurturing your brand’s reputation and enhancing your financial performance, customer support plays a pivotal role. Avada offers an invaluable opportunity to establish a cost-free customer assistance platform.

Although it may seem elementary, Avada equips users with a diverse array of tools that cater to the needs of most new entrepreneurs over an extended period. With Avada, you can craft an unlimited number of FAQ pages, aiding in the swift resolution of potential customer inquiries. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates WhatsApp or Facebook chat features with your Shopify store.

This innovative approach enables you to effortlessly manage customer feedback through real-time mobile chat, ensuring prompt and effective responses.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating these powerful tools into your Shopify store is a strategic move that can unlock a world of potential. It’s not just about enhancing functionality; it’s about elevating your entire e-commerce experience. From optimizing sales and conversions to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction, the possibilities are endless.

Each Shopify integration has been meticulously crafted to serve a unique purpose, and the choice is yours. Align these tools with your specific business goals and watch as your Shopify store transforms into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Now, don’t wait any longer. The Canadian Software Agency team is here to guide you through every step of the way. Please take action today, and together, let’s shape the future of your e-commerce success. Contact us now to explore how our Shopify development expertise can take your business to the next level.


What websites can you link to Shopify?

You can link to any external website in Shopify by adding custom links in your store’s navigation menu or using third-party apps that integrate with Shopify.

How many brands use Shopify?

Over 2 million businesses and brands use Shopify for their e-commerce needs.

What can Shopify integrate with?

Shopify can integrate with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and various payment gateways and third-party apps to expand its functionality and reach. Integration options may change over time.


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