Web apps vs. mobile apps: Which is right where to invest


Mobile Apps Vs Web Apps are two different things? Read this blog until the end, and your misconception will be eliminated as you will fully understand the differences and where you should invest for better turnover. They are pretty different from each other not only in usage but development point of view as well. So let’s make it clear and not get confused. Although both look similar, the app is built accordingly depending upon the needs, target audience, budget, features, and purpose.

Web apps and mobile apps

Mobile Apps vs Web Apps

Mobile apps have limited access as they are designed of two types, iOS for Apple and Android for other phones. Apps are downloaded from the Apple store or Play store to get full access. Once downloaded, mobile apps run themselves; some famous apps are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

Web apps have access through different browsers and will open up in the view depending upon the device. These apps are not assigned specific to any system and can be operated on any device once downloaded. The design, fonts, colors, and functions are similar to mobile apps.

Mobile apps basic plus point is that they can work offline, whereas web apps require an internet connection to work. Web apps update automatically, whereas mobile apps require frequent updates through the play store.

Mobile Apps


  • Work even when offline
  • Better functionality
  • Much Faster than web apps
  • Easy to build with the validity of tools
  • Safe and secure


  • Expensive to build
  • Expensive to update and maintain
  • Different compatibility with different platforms
  • Building another app from scratch for iOS and Android separately

Web apps


  • Easy to build than a mobile app
  • Easy to maintain
  • Update by themselves
  • Function in-browser no need for installation
  • Launched App store approval quickly not required


  • Slower than mobile apps
  • Don’tDon’t work offline
  • Quality and security not guaranteed
  • Not easily discoverable

Web apps vs mobile apps vs Native App

When to build a web app

A web app might be helpful if the app you are trying to build is a simple interaction with users who only have internet access and a good UX design. Web apps fit in the companies where mobile usability is used on mobile sites.

When to build a native mobile app

A native app is used when you need GPS or a camera, as a hybrid app doesn’t allow this feature. The famous Pokémon Go is a native app augmented with the reality software function of both GPS and camera.

When to build a hybrid mobile app

A hybrid app is used when web apps are native apps but are converted into hybrid mode. When deciding on an app for your business, factors that are to be kept in mind always keep in mind value and best experience for the app.

Which type of app should I use?

Wrapping up the blog with which app is suitable for your business, the first question you might ask is an app that fits in all? Note down which features are important to achieve your company goals. Mobile apps are more expensive than web apps, but at the same time, mobile apps function even if offline, which makes them more accessible and user-friendly.

We hope this blog has made clear which app to go for, so are you ready to get your app developed? Reach out to our team of experts to get your custom web or mobile app for your business.


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