WordPress 6.4 unveils its latest version with a host of updates


WordPress, being one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), frequently launches new updates to stay relevant in the ever-evolving digital world. Recently, the website creation platform has released version 6.4 of WordPress, bringing a host of changes and improvements.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the major changes introduced by WordPress 6.4:

1) Enhanced Blocks

The WordPress development team has created three new block types, which are significant updates to the previous versions.

  • Time to Read block
  • Table of Contents Block
  • Scrolling Marquee Block

Apart from these new blocks, WordPress 6.4 introduces Block Hooks, providing developers the ability to register custom blocks. These blocks autonomously execute actions and offer suggestions in suitable contexts. This new capability eliminates the need for continuous searching when integrating elements such as login/logout links or comment blocks.

2) New Default Theme

The most innovative feature introduced by WordPress 6.4 is perhaps a new default theme called “Twenty Twenty-Four” that simplifies to a certain extent creating versatile, aesthetically pleasing websites. This theme combines the full functionality of the block editor with a vast library of pre-made templates and patterns.

Users can select from diverse ready-made sections and layouts and then customize colors, fonts, spacing, and other elements to match their brand style. Pages can be constructed swiftly using column blocks, callouts, galleries, and more.

With its responsive design, “Twenty Twenty-Four” adapts smoothly across device sizes for mobile-friendly sites. The theme optimizes the process of building landing pages, portfolios, online stores, blogs, magazines, and other sites efficiently. Moreover, header and footer block templates provide visual consistency.

By leveraging this visually appealing, content-rich theme, even non-coders can build beautiful, functional web apps with minimal effort. In short, “Twenty Twenty-Four” democratizes web design through its flexibility, customization options, and rich built-in best practices.

3) Improved Writing Experience

The WordPress 6.4 update aims to enhance the editing experience for content creators through new, enhanced text formatting capabilities. Users can quickly bold, italicize, or underline text mid-paragraph without disrupting their workflow. In-line link creation will also accelerate publishing tasks.

For distraction-free writing, a full-screen mode provides an immersive environment to stay focused on bringing ideas to life. Overall, this release reduces friction points through editor refinements, text enhancements, and block library additions that speed up content creation.

By automating technical tasks and simplifying text formatting, WordPress 6.4 enables creators to spend less time on mechanics and more time crafting compelling narratives. The improved toolkit strives to unlock users’ full writing potential by emphasizing seamless text creation. Now, publishers can bring their visions to the web with less effort and interruptions.

4) Updated Design Tools

The WordPress 6.4 release enhances the website design experience through improved customization capabilities and controls. Users can now fine-tune colors, typography, layouts, and more smoothly within the editor. Global styles can be adjusted with just a few clicks, color palettes saved for reuse, and fonts managed via the new library.

Furthermore, advanced layout options like robust block patterns and column blocks enable users to create polished, engaging designs with ease. Whether you are a developer customizing templates or a site owner adding features, WordPress 6.4 aims to make every design task smoother.


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