Can a Web App Development Company use MERN stack?


A web app development company does not only focus on developing and evolving web-based software but instead focuses on creating innovative web-based solutions. These solutions also include web-based applications. Gone are when websites used to have the unchallenged authority; it’s all about apps these days! Web app development companies are looking for innovative ways to oust their competition. Is MERN stack a viable way to do that? Let’s find out.

A web app is essentially a mobile application but on a desktop. Like iOS and Android, web apps get built on web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. These technologies store and manipulate data (CRUD) when needed.  Web apps use the resources of a computer and a browser to perform tasks over the internet. However, stating such a simpler version of what web apps do might be a disservice to the technology. You can read more about web applications and their development here.


Web Application Development Process

Web Application Development Process

So, how do developers make a web app? There are various approaches, and it all falls on the kind of web application built. One way to make web apps is to follow a traditional route. 

Suppose you need to make a data-storing web app from the bottom up. For this, you will require:

  • Backend languages (Python, Ruby) for web app functionality control
  • Frontend technologies (HTML5., CSS3) for the way your app feels from the user end
  • DevOps, e.g., GitHub and Jenkins – used to deploy and host the app

The other way is to get things done with a bit of cheating. Many paid and unpaid web application builders are available on the internet, such as Budibase, Adalo, DrapCode, etc. Shopify can also be a web app developer, although it has a niche. If you like, you can always learn the craft. 

To make a web app, you and your team need to have an idea that provides a solution to a problem and is market research-validated. Next, you need to find the functionality of your app. What is it that your app will do? 

The defining functionality part is the most crucial part of web application development. Many developers get carried away in this phase. Remember your app does not need to be a single stop-shop for everyone. Keep in mind the goal you sought out in the first place. Stick to it!

Only then comes the design bit. It has quite a few phases, but the most notable is the wireframing and sketching phase. Developers choose all the navigation, forms, buttons, and other interactive elements. Once done with it (and it will not take some days only, ming you), you will go ahead with the user POV. Questions such as how to sign-up, change the password or cancel the subscription, etc., get resolved here. 


So, What is MERN Stack?

And now to the grand finale: MERN stack. MERN is an abbreviation for the following terms:

  • MongoDB: a document-based open-source database with top-quality scalability and flexibility features
  • Express.js: a minimalist framework for Node.js
  • React:  JavaScript frontend library for user interface development
  • Node.js: brings JavaScript to the server using Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine

Before moving ahead, you need to understand all four MongoDB, Express, React, and Native technologies necessary for web app development. You should also have npm installed on your system; npm stands for Node Package Manager. 

Remember that the MERN stack is identical to the traditional MEAN stack, except that MEAN uses Angular to bring the front-end web app development. MERN, on the other hand, uses React.  

What is MERN Stack

Web App Development using MERN

Companies using MERN stack for web app Development are on demands now a days. n are If not, install Node.js on your system before anything else. After that, a developer will have to add the Bootstrap framework to the project. Use the import “bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css”; command to ensure that the Bootstrap file is imported into the App.js.

Add React Router package: react-router-dom: afterward, and rearrange it by adding folders inside the root. You should also take care of the routing configuration in App.js. Build your own JSX code and see the magic unfold. 

To run your MERN web application, you need to bundle the React front-end and Node backend. You can use Webpack for this, as it is the most popular choice. Be sure to test the functionality of the app before formally launching it. 

Web App Development – In a Nutshell

We now know that web app development companies can use the MERN stack to make their browser apps. If the app demands, use CRUD operations for each React component. If you still have queries about creating a web app using the MERN stack, please consult a web and mobile app development company in your vicinity. Many notable such companies are in the northern USA or Toronto region. Good luck!


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